Tuesday, April 15, 2008

COME to our meetings!

Please show up on time next meeting on Thursday at 9 am.
We are having a really hard time with attendance
(which is demoralizing to those who do show up).
Be ready for anything.
Dress crazy.
Be prepared for performance and making/flying kites.

We need the entire group to be there to discuss and prepare for the show which is next week!!

We cleaned the space up today for the WARP Final Show on Friday and need to tidy up a little more Thursday.

We made a kite today and it was successful!
Kirian, Evan, and I flew them and it was lots of fun!
Lindsay took pictures!

Please please don't miss out next time.
We really want to make more and fly them at the landfill.

I checked wind speeds.
Wednesday has predicted 17 mph and Tuesday it's 10 mph, so it's died down.
We might need to think up of a Plan B if the wind's not strong enough (kites on bikes?)!

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Kirian said...

Hi Nancy,
Do you think I could get your phone number to call you and see what happened this morning and what our plans are for Saturday? I got so sick again last night and had no sleep and still was throwing up this morning so I'm sorry but class was not an option for me. I even got up to get ready at 8 and just got sick again :( Please call me if you could my number is 321-626-7635.