Thursday, March 27, 2008

Please read!!!!

A few reminders:

Everyone: please bring plates, bowls, cups, and spoons for the show!
We are NOT using disposable dishes and utensils!!!
Only bring dishes that you would not mind losing (in case of breakage).

Bring paper & fabric collage materials!
We are especially in need of fabric!
The needles need to be put on the pincushion (where did they go?).

We need veggies and foodstuffs for the vegan soup!
We need burners! Does anyone have burners for the soup to cook/keep warm?
We need ice! One person, please bring ice in a cooler (If you decide to do this, please comment so we'll know!)!

Show up early! Saturday at 4 pm if you are able (or as early as you can)!
We need to:
- move tables according to the map on the chalkboard
- signs (Joan is making these and talking to station peoples about how to place them/alter them if necessary)
- organize materials in our individual stations / tidy up
- set up the movie viewing area
- arrange seating (?)
- prepare for show, misc.

We need people to document!
Evan is videotaping! Who can photograph?

I made a facebook event (I don't think there was one already?) Whitney & Juli - could you post an image of one of the flyers you made so I can use it for the event image? Thanks!

*** If I left anything out please comment on this post or create another post!

Paper Collage: Andreina, Evan, Tazia
Fabric Collage/Bags: Ashley, Kristi
Paper Making: Whitney, Vrinda
Patches/Printing: Marny
- soup: Leslie
- grill: Ladis
- floating helpers between soup and grill: Juli (6-7, 9-10, from time to time from 7-9)
Nancy (6-7, 9-10),
Body Collage: Julian (You are responsible for helping people who want to get sewn together and when they want to leave, hanging up the sewn clothes.)

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