Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday's Happenings

Ok, a bunch happened today. her goes:
Wed we meet at 3 to prep space for Thu rehearsal.
Nancy, Vrinda, and Evan are on dumpster dutty- bringing back clothes for audience members
Juli and Whitney are on scissors and thread duty- hanging or arranging near clustering area
Ashley is making a pin cushion for the needles
(we have 12 needles and 15 students, is that ok?)
I (Leslie) am making 7 ft poles with hooks for the clothes to be grabbed with
Julian and I are stringing the clothes line for the clothes and trying to fashion a pully system for the end product-clustered clothes to be pulled up with.
Andriana is handling the Art Speak 75 word writings.
SEND TO ahornez@ufl.edu and swarp@ufl.edu
Whitney is working with Sean on flyers? (Whit. do you need some help?? If so can anyone not named here help Whit print/hang if she needs it??)

Thu rehearsal
We perform for 1 hr. Nancy is wearing watch and at that time she initiates the group performance. Nancy will trigger Julian by walking to him and tapping him. Once Julian is triggered he will walk to Joan and trigger her. In the meantime Nancy goes to the center of the space where the clothes are hanging and using a pole picks her shirt out to put on over her clothes. Once Julian arrives back at the center to pick out his shirt Nancy begins to sew herself to him. In between tapping our designated partner we will be encouraging the audience to join us by picking out a shirt and being sewn to us. We will sew ourselves into a clustered pattern and once we are done we will pull the shirts off of ourselves at the same time. We will pin the clothes to dangling twine and I will pull the mass of clothe into the air with the pully system Julian and I have fashioned. Once this happens we scatter into the installation space where we will fetch the blown up light cubes (Props for Ladice's show) and bring them back into the gallery space and distribute them as the band plays.

Here is the order of triggerings. The person before you will tap you and you are responsible for tapping the person listed after you
Nancy, Julian, Joan, Whitney, Lindsay, Tazia, Kirian, Juli, Marny, Andreina, Kristi, Ashley, Evan, Vrinda, Leslie

Please pot back anything needs correcting or if you have suggestions. Also please check this post periodically to make sure we are all on the same page. Also if your name is not listed under specific tasks please offer to help someone who's is. Thanks

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